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On Tuesday March 17th, The Department of Corrections will be launching a new offender management system. As a result of this change, the VT Automated Notification System (VANS) will temporarily operate at a limited capacity while it is being upgraded to ensure compatibility with the new system.


During this time those individuals who were already registered in VANS will be notified in the event that an offender is released to the community, re-incarcerated or transferred to and from court.

Individuals who wish to register during this period of limited service can do so here Victim Services VANS Registration. Due to limited resources during this period of transition only those registering as a direct victim or affect person will receive the notifications indicated above.

Everyone who submits registration information during this time will receive all notifications once VANS is again fully operational. A phone call or email will go out to all registrants when the VANS upgrade has been completed.

Please feel free to contact Victim Services directly at 888-810-1847 if you have any questions or concerns.

If you have any questions about the custody status of any offender while VANS is being upgraded please go to the Department of Corrections’ Offender locator for more information. Offender Locator Link:

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