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Offender Responsibility Plan (ORP)

The Offender Responsibility Plan is a case management system that merges newer community corrections practices and restorative justice processes with the rehabilitative or “what works” principles that have long been a part of the fabric of Vermont Corrections. Restorative and community corrections are based on the premise that communities will be strengthened if local citizens participate in responding to crime.  Both envision responses tailored to the preferences and needs of victims, communities, and offenders.  In addition, case co-management creates a framework for coordination between offender rehabilitation and reentry.

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Many of the themes of the Offender Responsibility Plan have been and are already practiced in Vermont Corrections.  A concern for the needs of victims, an understanding that there is no way corrections can do, by itself, all that is expected without the understanding, support and involvement of the public, and knowledge that the incarcerated citizens’ need to take control of their lives have been consistent  themes in Corrections.