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Careers and Jobs in Corrections

If you want to work in Corrections in Vermont, This page is a gateway to the application process and information about what It takes to become a correctional officer. It also gives direction on how apply for other Corrections jobs in Vermont.

How to Become a Vermont Corrections Professional

Are you looking for a career in Corrections, do you want a job that is more than just nine to five?  Corrections might be the Path that you are looking for to provide long-term employment and job satisfaction.  In Vermont, there is an opportunity to do more than just work in a Jail or Prison; you would work in a system that believes in the basics of human change.

Promotion Opportunities

Vermont's Department of Corrections is one of the Largest departments in state government.  The career opportunities are excellent.  Most corrections professionals start as entry level Correctional Officers I.  Many go on to positions as Correctional Facility Supervisors, Correctional Service Specialists, Community Correctional Officers, Probation and Parole Officers, Superintendents, and even Directors in our Central Office. 

Check out our Job Map

Apply for a Job

You can start the application process by applying for a job online. 

To go Careers Vermont to apply

Having Problems? Contact the DHR Recruitment Services

1-802-828-6700 option 1, option 4
1-855-828-6700 (toll-free) option 1, option 4

Operating Hours:

Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m.- 4:30 p.m.

Or Email them at 

Want to know what a Correctional Officer Does

Check out Vermont's Correctional Officer Job Description

Also if you want to be a Corrections Officer, view this important Notice to Applicants.

Want to know what a Corrections Services Specialist is

Check out this Job Description and see if you fit the qualifications 

What are Benefits of state service

If you want to know what benefits there are to state service check out this link.

Do you still have questions

Check out our frequently asked question link.

What about Training

Training takes place at the Vermont Correctional Academy.  This is a five-week residential academy that is followed by two weeks of On-the-Job training at your work site.  For more information on the Vermont Correctional Academy; check out this link.

Do you wish to speak to someone 

If you have specific questions about a career in the Vermont Department of Corrections and would like to speak with someone, you may contact the following Facilities and ask about a tour and more information on the hiring process:

Chittenden Regional Correctional Facility - 802-863-7356

Marble Valley Regional Correctional Facility - 802-786-5830

Northeast Regional Correctional Facility - 802-748-8151

Northern State Correctional Facility - 802-334-3364

Northwest State Correctional Facility - 802-524-6771

Southeast State Correctional Facility - 802-674-6717

Southern State Correctional Facility - 802-885-9800

For more Information about working in Corrections Contact:

James Rice

Academy Administrator

Office Phone: 802.661.8452



John Leibold

Academy Operations Training Coordinator

Office Phone: 802.272.6849


For help with the contents of this web page, you can contact.

Ross T. Farnsworth

HRD Training Coordinator, Vermont Correctional Academy

Office Phone: 802-885-9736